6 deceptively useful products

Freshes made from fresh fruit and yoghurt and curd cheese – milk. It seems that these products are certainly useful. But it turns out, it is not so simple!
Fresh juices
Pets, with no additives, using only the freshest fruits and vegetables – such juice, of course, are not harmful, but use of them is actually a little bit
All the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fiber – in the flesh! And when we have this we press the pulp, the juice out of it goes into the air, instantly oxidized. Not only that vitamins are dying, so also contained in all fruits vitamin C under the influence of oxygen allocates not the most useful acid. Fruits should be eaten whole and long hours – only then will the desired health sense! And it is necessary to drink water.
Muesli invented Swiss physician Maximilian Bircher-Benner in 1900: he was only oatmeal soaked in water, added a little-condensed milk, lemon juice, grated apple and a handful of nuts. Get useful and tasty. But baked with honey, nuts and dried fruit – not so good. And okay, if home – as a show expertise, shoplifting cereals are far from ideal.
Muesli, fried in honey, or with the addition of chocolate, puffed rice, candied fruits, contain too much fat and carbohydrates lungs, their calorie content is about 500 kcal. In order not to gain weight, choose a cereal made from natural herbs, with dried berries, fruits, unroasted nuts and seeds
If you believe the advertising, all purchased yogurt are useful, because they are out of milk, and they have a wonderful bacteria! Only here the number of sugar per cup of the yogurt manufacturers, of course, silent. Useful only natural, that is sour yogurt. And the best – homemade . You do not want to bother – take advantage of our tips on choosing yogurt at the store
Curd cheese
Many argue in this way: every cheese curd, so helpful. However, most of glazed cheese curds is not actually cheese, but with vegetable fat. On the packaging it is written, usually in tiny letters – so that the buyer had not noticed. Furthermore, in such cheese composition often contains preservatives and sugar at all “rolls over.” In general, useful shoplifting cheese curds accurately be called. Therefore it is better to cook them at home – from the quality of cheese and in just 30 minutes .
Today, many refuse the bread in favor of the loaves. And rightly so! However, not all bread – and on the shelves of a huge choice – equally useful. As part of the “right” loaves should be no oil, no yeast, no sugar, and even more colors and preservatives, only whole grains and a small amount of water if used flour – then peeled wholegrain or wholemeal. “Additives” – only useful – seeds and nuts, not roasted.
The best bread – gluten-free, based on rice, buckwheat, quinoa. It is important to have organic bread. In principle, it is good for any product, but especially for cereals. Cereals are often treated with a large amount of pesticides – their traces may remain in the final product. Well, if as an additive in loaves have freeze-dried vegetables, they will add an extra dose of the product of micronutrients.
A hen
Everyone knows: red meat contributes to the emergence and development of certain types of cancer, and its use in food should be very, very rare. In addition, the meat – it is enough high-calorie product, so instead it is better to have a bird. But make no mistake: the deletion of red meat diet, but continue to fry in oil until golden brown delicious legs, you do not bring benefits to the organism. Dietary considered chicken – stewed, baked or boiled without oil. Other parts of the chicken too “fit”, subject to the right of their preparation and useful way of cooking

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