Bracelets made of satin ribbons

Bracelets made of satin ribbons

For the manufacture of the bracelet you should:

5 coils of steel substrates for bracelets with a diameter of 6 cm.
10 m organza ribbon or double-sided satin ribbon width of 5.3 mm
White mother of pearl round beads
faceted translucent beads
How to make a bracelet with beads and satin ribbons on the basis of tight spiral
First, at one end of the base Fold the loop to the tape does not jump off. The other end of the steel wire must be carefully zapolirovat to sticking with satin ribbons or strips of organza on the tape does not weed out the thread, and the puncture out easily and accurately as a needle. Frankly, I polished nail file 🙂 first big, then fine.

The tape is divided by 3 equal length, singe the ends that the tape does not roll in.

Start stringing the tape, leaving between punctures 1 – 1.5 cm. The tape is desirable twist before each puncture, then it will go lower, and folds will be to go to creative chaos.

After the revolution of the belt of beads strung round again, the tape, and then cut beads and                                             complete revolution of satin ribbons or strips of organza

At the end of the bracelet do anchoring loop to satin ribbon from slipping.

Steel wire bend neat little loop is quite difficult. The best option – to use pliers. But I do not have such a tool, so I walked eyebrow tweezers and pliers 🙂 Sorry, photo not happened loop vague. But, I think, and so the principle is clear.

It looks very esthetically pleasing, and is very easy. I recommend even novice craftswomen.




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