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Ideas manicure Glitter: sparkling nails

Beautiful well-groomed hands for a woman – her “calling card”, wherever it appeared. Even if you sit at home and miss – Glitter manicure will help you create a mood, inspire you to simple wonders that you can do yourself.

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How to remove the bumps after the injections

Injection – not the most pleasant procedure. But the skillful action of a medical worker, it goes almost unnoticed by the patient. Often, however, we are faced with a complication after the injection – the appearance of bumps, which is

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How to deal with stress?

We stress a lot of people and insidious nature. It may masquerade as a disease, let you in the most important moment, forced to commit rash actions, to spoil his career, quarrels with friends. What is he? Measured quiet life

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Flowers of the bottles with his own hands

Every second World in the store to buy ten thousand plastic packaging, most of which ends its short life in the nearest landfill. And if you thought once about what used containers from the soda can be a wonderful material

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How to sterilize jars

At home canned foods often made in the ordinary glass jars with tin lids. Some products – jams, marmalades, jams – can be sealed and plastic covers. Before you start canning jars and lids should always be sterilized. There are

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