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The right makeup for small eyes

At current opportunities makeup, small eyes are not a problem. With proper application technique makeup and good makeup, you can easily increase the visual eye, and look to do more expressive and eye-catching. Selecting the shadows   Basic shades shadows necessarily

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Technique cat eye makeup

For many centuries, the unique eye of the Egyptian beauties haunt scholars of antiquity. All the matter in an unusual make-up, which embodied the cult of cat superiority, grace, and mysterious charm. Imitation cat eye makeup gave them a special

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How to make a light make-up

Some believe that the girls in the morning are divided into three types: “Do not have breakfast, not made up, but good sleep” “Not a good sleep, not made up, but have breakfast” and “no breakfast, no good sleep, but

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This is all the moles! Learn how to avoid skin cancer

1. Skin cancer can be detected at home Few people realize that each of us lies a time bomb – a cancerous mole. From charming advantages of appearance, it can turn into a cold-blooded killer. It remains only one question,

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Eye makeup with impending century

You – a woman, and that’s fine. Every feature of your image – is an element of identity, which emphasizes your appearance, such a beautiful and unique. And you certainly should appreciate it, instead of doing any disadvantage. That’s a

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