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Three easy ways to bring your hair in a short time; the video shows

Most of the time the girls were released prior to the provision of marage fansions shopping and spend your hair staily. A lot of things available in the market today, the more time that can be spent freeks hair. These

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How to make a gel manicure at home

Several years ago, in beauty salons have begun to offer a procedure applying the gel manicure. She immediately relished all women: the procedure is fast, and the result is delicious. But how to make gel manicures at home, so as

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Ideas manicure autumn

“Autumn time, the eyes of charm …”. Very often this time of year is associated with a gloomy sky, cold wind, dank rain. However, early fall – a bright, but, alas, short, amazing beauty of the period preceding the bad

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The strengthening and growth of the nails in the home

Constantly breaking nails layer and deliver a lot of hassle. When your nails are in order, you do begin to feel better, you do not need to worry every time, where to hide the hand. With our tips, you will

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Beautiful manicure nails for short

Not all the girls nature endowed with strong nails, which looks perfectly all manicure. Owners of short nails have to spend a lot of money to build the nail plate to bring a manicure in the divine form. But the

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