Correction of artificial nails acrylic or gel

Correction of artificial nails acrylic or gel

One of the most interesting and the topics discussed in the nail – the correction of artificial nails . This article discusses the most important aspects of it.

The time between corrections artificial nails

The most important point is the strict observance of time between corrections artificial nails . Between them should take place 2 – 3 weeks. This period is dictated by the rate of growth of natural nails. They are known to grow by about 1 mm per week. If the correction is made in a timely manner, there is no deformation of the material, artificial nails resistant material and time costs during the procedure are minimal.droud flor

Masters nail service is usually necessary to correct and neutralize the disadvantages of natural nails by means of sealing of various kinds of manicure or use dermatokosmetiki. However, the phrase “the correction of nails” suggests, first of all, working with artificial nails. The fact that after the nail capacity continues to grow. This leads to the fact that the area is gradually wells without artificial material – gel or acrylic, and the tip of the nail is lengthened because of what may break. At the end of the month after a general view of increasing unaesthetic nail it becomes so artificial nails need regular adjustment .

The procedure for correction of artificial nails in general is the same for gel and acrylic nails. For it will take at least one hour of time.

But even if the timing correction is exactly followed, sometimes problems with detachment of the material. It occurs most often in the lateral sinus. Detachment should not exceed 1 – 1.5 mm. But in this case it is necessary to consider: whether the material used is suitable to the client and whether the matter is right? You can check this by comparing the exceptions. If after 2 – 3 weeks of the waste material in only one out of ten people, the reasons must be sought in the client. Perhaps they are as follows:

• Do not approach these materials.

• Mishandling of nails.

• Excessive length of the free edge of the nail.

• The exacerbation of chronic diseases (such as sudden changes in blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes).

• Taking antibiotics.

• Use active-life alkaline agents.

If out of ten customers detachment observed in nine, the reason – error in the Wizard. The main reason – failure to comply with the technology. Read more about this in the article Nail and detachment.

All the masters of nail service know that correction of artificial nails – a much more complicated process than building up new nails. Despite this, it is necessary to do more often. Therefore, the process of correction must be brought to perfection and love. Only then will success.

Correction of artificial nails steps

1. We provide the processing of all work surfaces (desk, files, buffs, etc.) disinfectant. Likewise handle arm and the master client.

2. Remove nail bezatsetonovoy liquid.

3. Apply cuticle remover. You can purchase it by visiting the shop of professional cosmetics . After 2 – 3 minutes, when the vehicle starts to act shifts the pterygium from the surface of the natural nail plate with a special tool (Medical steel blades, disposable wooden chopsticks, or nozzle-cone). Be especially careful at this stage, because it correctly prepared natural nail produce the best possible adhesion of artificial material with a nail plate. The risk of detachments in this case reduced to a minimum.

Correction of artificial nails. Lint-free cloth4. Remove the remains of funds lint-free cloth . Sawing abrasive 180 grit remove the length of the free edge and give it the desired shape. Cut down 2/3 the thickness of the surface material in a stress-free zone and the edge of the nail.

5. Remove the natural shine from the surface of the natural nail using the abrasive buffs 400 grit. Do it carefully, movements in the direction of the zone of the cuticle to the free edge of the nail. So we do not damage the nail plate and make easy peeling, removing the top layer of cells, absorbed the paints, household alkaline agent.

6. Treat the places where the material peeled off the nail sawing abrasive 240 grit. Particular attention is drawn to the area of the lateral sinuses. Tool hold a parallel surface to prevent damage to the natural plate. Unless absolutely necessary, do not use wire cutters to build, it can lead to detachment of the nearby artificial material.

Correction of artificial nails. Degreasing7. Remove dust from sawing with a special anti-static brushes, dusters natural cloth. Disinfect and degreasing free from artificial material of the natural nail . If necessary, sizing jagged edges of the material a special tool. It is not only the edge of the artificial nail glues, but also provides a smooth, uniform application of the new layer of material on the previous one, without forming the boundaries of the transition. This is particularly important when capacity, which is not covered by the lacquer coating on top. After 10-15 seconds, when the facility will be absorbed, gently remove the remains of lint-free cloth.

8. Treat the natural nail plate primer. This product does not contain acids and securely connects the artificial material with keratin natural nails.

Correction of artificial nails. Primer9. Go directly to modeling .

At this stage, the correction of artificial nails is necessary to observe a number of mandatory rules to get the desired result.

The basic rules of successful modeling:

• Keep the material (a ball of acrylic gel or a drop) to the skin in the cuticle area and lateral sinuses. This can cause detachment of the material.

• Do not apply more than necessary. This will increase the time of filing and will lead to an increase in the cost of correction of artificial nails .

• The amount of material must also conform to the shape and length of the artificial nail.

• The correct choice of brush for modeling is very important. To correct the gel using a flat brush for acrylic – oval. Worth used in brushes should be natural (usually sable), but well-formed at the base and tip of the brush – it should not be the same shape as when buying.

• After use, treat the brush tool Brush Cleaner, which not only clean, but also prolong its life. Keep the brush in the case.

• The consistency of acrylic beads are selected depending on the air temperature in the room in which you work. The higher temperatures – especially liquid should be acrylic.

• Do not press the brush is very much, as all materials and gel and acrylic technologies are very flexible and have a leveling effect. You only need to send the ball in the right direction. This will reduce the time putting some of the material and reduce its consumption in the correction of artificial nails.

• Mix (monomer and powder) can be selected individually (the fast, medium and medlennootverzhdaemaya). The gel system phases of application can also be selected according to individual masters: a three-phase (database, modeling, surface), or a single phase.

• Turn off the surface of the nail to the free edge.

• Do not apply the gel once sculpted a few nails, even if it has a sufficiently thick consistency. Work by conveyor simultaneously with both hands the customer turns pro sushi Vaya material UV-lamp. Suffice it to dry for 20-30 seconds, since after this time the gel had not spread, despite the fact that it is not ready for filing. At the end of each arm alternately be placed in the lamp for two minutes. This is necessary to complete the polymerization of the gel.

10. Processing of material saws. You must apply the following scheme when working with saws: in the process of correction of artificial nails abrasiveness should increase gradually to 240, 400, 1000 to 4000 grit. Only in this case, you can get a perfectly glossy surface. If the material is laid out correctly and does not require any filing, you can complete the correction.

11. Finish the correction of artificial nails by applying oil to the cuticle. Modern oil for cuticles mostly developed a special technology that does not require removal before applying varnish. Oil well nourishes and moisturizes nail plate and cuticles .

fist flourBe sure to inform the customer that any kind of artificial nails should not be removed by yourself, as this may damage the natural nail. To do this, you must seek professional help, which in addition to removing the capacity to offer an alternative nail care – nail decoration Biogel. This procedure can be a step to conclude after the removal of gel or acrylic, and self-service in the cabin, for the strengthening of natural nails. After coating Biogel nails have a natural look, flat and smooth surface, become stronger and more elastic. On this coating varnish keeps up to 10 days.

If you have problems after the correction of artificial nails

Pay attention to the most common problems with artificial nails and their causes.

1. Nails constantly break:

• The points of tension are in the wrong place. For example, if the stress point is too close to the edge, it aggravates the nail, and it can be easily broken.

• The nail is too thin to file.

• The nails are too long. The length of artificial nails should reflect actual natural. The free edge of the artificial nail should not be longer than the nail bed.

2. Detachment in the area of the cuticle:

• Poorly cleaned the nail plate.

• Improperly selected nail length and shape.

• When the correction of artificial nails removed bad old coating.

3. The appearance of cracks at the free edge of the nail:

• The artificial material is too thin to file the edges.

• The edges are not closed properly artificial material,

• Cracks are not removed during the correction.

• During the correction sawed edge, leaving the nail too narrow. If this occurs, you must rebuild the nail on the template.

In addition to these there are a number of problems and reasons to keep in mind if customers are dissatisfied with their artificial nails and nail if for some reason can not be obtained. One of the most important things is the state of the master tool and the quality of materials used for correction of artificial nails . And, of course, need your professionalism and diligence. Remember that the quality of the wizard depends on not only the appearance of nails, but also their health

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