How to make a gel manicure at home

How to make a gel manicure at home

Several years ago, in beauty salons have begun to offer a procedure applying the gel manicure. She immediately relished all women: the procedure is fast, and the result is delicious. But how to make gel manicures at home, so as not to waste time and money for the trip to the salon?

Set to apply the gel manicure at home
Of course, faster and better for you to make a gel manicure salon. But is it is very expensive? If you decide to do a manicure yourself, then you’ll have to buy a special set for the gel nail. Well worth it, but it’s still less than the regular expenses for trips to the beauty parlors. In such a set should include:

  • UV lamp
  • Integrated brush for applying nail polish
  • Gel paints of different colors
  • Orange sticks
  • Base Gel
  • Finishing gel

How to work with gels for nails.


Also manicure you may be required (usually they are not in the set):

  • Clipper
  • Nail file
  • Nail clippers
  • Scoop cuticle
  • Acetone
  • Cotton pads.

If you have set for the gel nail polish and other tools, you can start to decorate their nails.

How to make a gel manicure at home
Gel manicures are often confused with Artificial nails with gel. But they are two different treatments: manicure keeps the nail plate protects and promotes its growth while maintaining the natural look of the nail and nail plate while building not spared. Differ and gels used: one that manicure reminds silicone.


For a gel manicure is necessary to have regrown nail was a little edge. Without it, the gel will be different from the nail plate that spoil views manicure. But you can increase the size of the nail with the help of silk or fiberglass (synthetic material).

The procedure for applying the gel manicure:

  1. Saturate a cotton pad with acetone and degrease nails;
  2. Put on the nail plate layer of base gel, also called primer;
  3. Apply finishing gel thin layer on top of the primer and let dry nails under a UV lamp for 3 minutes;
  4. Apply another thin layer of gel. Make sure that the gel was uniformly applied over the entire surface of the nail. The gel should be filled in all the cracks. It is particularly important that the gel was well protected by the tip of the nail;
  5. New freeze Dai gel layer under a UV lamp for 3 minutes. If necessary, apply a third coat of gel, and giving it to dry;
  6. After drawing 2-3 gel layers can be done topcoat using gel varnish.

Inside, the wizard will prompt you to change the shape of the nail to extend it or make a special manicure. House make it more complicated. But you’re quite able to adjust the shape of the nail using a nail file, pliers, and clipper.

Wear gel manicure can be as long as the natural nail grows back to such far that the gel will be visible. During this time held for at least 3 weeks. Sometimes manicure lasts longer than a month. To remove the gel manicure, use acetone, foil, cotton pads and a nail file.

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