Ideas manicure autumn

Ideas manicure autumn

“Autumn time, the eyes of charm …”. Very often this time of year is associated with a gloomy sky, cold wind, dank rain. However, early fall – a bright, but, alas, short, amazing beauty of the period preceding the bad weather. That he has become a great source of inspiration for autumn options nail art.

Materials and tools for home nail art
It may seem that the quality to make a drawing on nails only by professionals from the beauty salon, but it is not so. Putting enough effort and patience, it is possible to achieve a good result and at home.


You will need:

  1. A few bubbles of different colors of lacquer. One or two of them will need to create the background, and the rest – for printing. Do not be redundant – nail hardener and nail base.
  2. Acrylic water-based paints. Compared with nail polish, have a number of advantages: reasonable price, easy to mix colors to obtain new, easy to use.
  3. Brushes of different thicknesses. They need to apply backgrounds and different parts of drawing.
  4. Needles. Indispensable when prorisovyvanii the smallest part of the picture. But it is better to replace them with toothpicks, as metal objects easily hurt the nail plate.
  5. Accessories – shine, threads, crystals, stones and all that tells a fantasy. This will emphasize individuality, make a drawing original and unique.

How and where to start?


  • If you are doing this for the first time an unusual manicure that begins with simple compositions. This will “fill the hand” and eventually move on to more complex work.
  • Thoughtful colors. Well, look two or three harmoniously matched colors, combined with the background tone and clothing. It will accentuate your style and complement the image.
  • Before you begin, remove the old varnish, to align the nail surface using special nail files, apply lacquer base. Everything is ready. Getting patterning.

Autumn rainbow
One of the easiest autumn motifs. It looks stylish and impressive, just a godsend for young artists.


We need:

  • Nail polish or acrylic paint in three colors: orange, black, white.


  1. Apply nail polish – foundation. It will be the background.
  2. We start with an orange strip. Perches in orange paint brush, gently daring excess varnish. Paint over the top of the nail. Wait until the paint dries.
  3. We do the same with the black. We apply a second strip dried.
  4. On the pinkie and ring fingers on the border of black and orange stripes put white dots with a toothpick.
  5. We cover fixer our masterpiece.

Autumn Lights
Solemnly – a festive version of the fall nail art with unusual accessories. On the surface, it seems complicated, but it is not. By virtue even to those who really disappointed in me as an artist.


To figure will need:

  • White and pink nail polish for French manicure;
  • Foil Nail;
  • Dried flowers;
  • Glue for nails.

Despite the fact that in the photo, served as the basis for a manicure made gels can be used as the base of a very ordinary French manicure.


  1. In the ready French manicure with glue put foil.
  2. Glue dried flowers.
  3. We cover the nails fixer. So drawing a manicure last longer.

The only drawback – it is difficult to remove.

Autumn distance
The trend this fall – pink. Therefore, we propose a figure with a pink background and the typical autumn colors – ocher, deep red.


We need:

  • Lac-base
  • Lac pink, red, gold, black
  • Instead of lacquer suitable golden brown acrylic powder
  • Fixing agent


  1. We apply the lacquer base and give it to dry;
  2. Apply the pink background and dried;
  3. Gaining some black nail in excess and do it blots;
  4. At the center of our blots we put a drop of red lacquer;
  5. The final touch – gold lacquer or acrylic powder;
  6. Fixed.

As you can see from these simple jobs, nail – art – it’s easy even for a beginner. Effectively may look even simple motifs, as well as there are plenty of options to apply a variety of accessories. It all depends on you and your imagination.

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