Leopard manicure at home

Leopard manicure at home

Leopard print on nails never goes out of fashion, as looks at a special feminine, interesting and original. After all spots on the nails may be different colors and shades (spotted leopards, tiger), which creates the wide field for the imagination.

Options for applying leopard manicure is very much like motifs and designs for its application, but we will look at the basic method of its implementation.

Technique leopard manicure


Before you make a leopard manicure, prepare all that is necessary for its implementation: nail polish remover, nail file, orange stick, base lacquer, varnish 2-3 for printing, thin brush (needles, toothpicks).

  1. Prepare the nail for nail: using nail polish remover erase remnants of the old nail polish and spend degreasing.
  2. Take the orange stick and cuticle otodvinu to the base of the nail. Then use the nail file gives nails a desired shape.
  3. To manicure lasted as long as possible, apply to the nails a base coat that protects and strengthens the nails from external damage. The color of the base coat you can choose – the main thing that it was a contrast in relation to other spots.
  4. Wait for a good base lacquer dries.
  5. Apply stain with a brush or floss – it must be done very carefully, and the first time that the spot does not spread. Pumps spots with ease movements – if you have the unsteady hand, try to fix it in support of the elbow and wrist.
  6. Do not worry if the patches are not similar to each other or to be smack in the commas – in nature leopard spots, too, are far from ideal and often asymmetrical.
  7. To become a pattern similar to the leopard, it must be given shape. To do this, take a darker paint (better if it is black) and thin brush (or a toothpick) Apply the varnish on the perimeter of the points set out above.
  8. When applying the outlines do not make a complete circle around the points – the picture will look like, “leopard”, if you make the line a little rough and not closing the circle.
    To make the resemblance to a leopard apply a few points separate the dark varnish.
  9. Give a varnish to dry, manicure and stylish ready.

Having studied the technique leopard manicure, you can apply it in several different ways:

The classic version – Printing on the entire surface of the nail. Background for this, select white, gold, orange, yellow, cream, milk and light brown shades. You should get the tone of the nail as close to the coat color of wild cats.
French manicure – nails applied to a classic jacket, be sure to trim the edges of the nail. Leopard print, in this case, is applied to the edge of the nail plate.
Contrast manicure – when a few bright shades of lacquer. For example, if the orange background is gradually transformed into a bright, decorated with white and black spots.
Gradient manicure – the combination of several different vibrant colors. For example, on a white background – pink spots with a black border.
To make full use leopard manicure his fantasy and imagination, and application options and come up with drawings share with us.



  • If you want to add to the image of a little exoticism and glamor leopard prints decorate decorative elements (sequins, stones, glass beads, etc.).
  • The dramatic and unrealistic effect produces nails with a leopard pattern on the basis of the neon nail.
  • Leopard manicure looks best on long and medium nails (but not short!).
  • The ideal form of nails to perform leopard print – rectangular, round and almond.
  • Leopard manicure combined with a monochromatic inconspicuous clothing and accessories containing a leopard shades (handbags, belts, scarves). If clothing is present “leopard” color, then it is better to make an ordinary French manicure.
  • Leopard print is better not to be combined with massive rings and colored stones.

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