How to make Crispy and Soft Poori

pooris ar most loved breakfast or snacks regardless of their ages. puri ar my favorite from my childhood. and my pa prepares worlds best puri. it doesn’t absorb a drop of oil at identical time are going to be sleek and puffy. puri simply soften once you place into your mouth. the most trick is to knead dough well and tight. the rolling thickness and oil temperature additionally matters to create puffy puri.

pooris square measure thought of unhealthy because it is deep deep-fried. however, if you follow this direction then you may decision puri healthy because it doesn’t absorb oil nonetheless style delicious. I even have shared tips and tricks to create poori tender from outside and soft, puffy puri while not abundant effort. to urge wealthy golden brown color I even have additional a pinch of sugar. you’ll be able to conjointly prepare puri with flour, but to create it healthy i take advantage of flour

rispy puri step by step photo recipe a wide mixing bowl, take wheat flour, salt, pinch of sugar and rava. combine well.
2.add water little by little and make a tight, smooth and stiff dough. knead minimum for 5 minutes
3.initially, dough will be little hard. knead well in between your palms for few minutes to make it smooth and soft
4.add a tsp of oil and knead well. roll and get to a long shape. cut the dough into small or medium pieces with the help of knife.
5.make small lemon sized balls between your palms.
6.apply oil to dough ball.
7.roll the dough evenly into circles using rolling pin. roll neither too thin nor thick.
8.keep in a plate and cover them.
9.heat oil in a deep frying pan or kadai. when the oil is sufficiently hot, add one poori and press with the spoon to puff up
10.once they puff, it will automatically turn over. if not, once the bottom side is golden brown, turn over the poori.
11.and fry the puri till golden brown all over.
12.remove the poori into tissue paper to remove excess oil. fry all pooris same way.

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