Rosehip from foamirana own hands

Rosehip from foamirana own hands

Capture1In this master class, we will create a very beautiful flower of wild rose foamirana own hands and as its fruit. Such a composition will look great in the decor, you will be provided with step by step photos and description.

For its implementation, we need:

• cardboard template;
• foamiran peach;
• foamiran green;
• artistic pastel brown and dark pink color;
• awl or other sharp object;
• stamens;
• yellow paint;
• brush to paint;
• Three large beads;
• one middle bead;
• wire;
• semolina;
• PVA glue;
• black beads;
• glue gun.

Templates can be copied from the screen, or prepare their own. If you choose the second option, then draw a circle with a diameter of 5 cm, divide it into 6 equal segments and each draws a heart with a smooth contour. Leaf draws in a rectangle the size of 5×3 cm.
Capture2We trace the template for double flower and leaf for 5 times. It is best to trace a sharp object that will not spoil foamiran. We need only that was pushed through the circuit.
Capture3Spread on a sheet of paper cut from Thomas leaves and stained edge of brown pastel. On the edge of a deep shade, but inwardly he seemed to dissolve.
As a sharp object draws streaks.
Capture4Likewise, we paint the petals of foamirana.
Capture5Now prepare the middle of a blossoming flower. If you have yellow stamens, then take them. If not, any other paint the yellow paint. If there is no stamens at all, then we can take a thread, in the wet end of PVA glue, getting wet in the semolina, and when they dry, painted in yellow. Postponed until fully dry.Capture6Spun large bead wire to a length of 12 cm. Foamirana cut piece size 2 times greater than the bead.Capture7Very tightly envelops it with a piece of the ball and tightly bound up the gathering around the edge of the core wire. Apply glue on the ball on the ball and semolina envelops his very tight. It is essential that the top layer is dry, and then paint over it with the yellow paint. Delayed again until dry.Capture8Capture9It turns out very time-consuming process, but you will be surprised, when will collect everything in one song.
We make hips. Take three pieces of wire length of 15 cm. Each one black bead stringing, make both ends and stringing large beads. Then again, bead stringing.Capture10Capture11Cut a square of peach Thomas and strung it on the wire. Just as we did midway, which attracted beads foamiran using wire between large beads and the top bead. The latter should be a little peek, so we cut away the excess foamiran right next to it. Then paint the fruit of the same pastel pink color, but more intense and just as intensely brown paint over the top of the pastel, a smooth transition down.Capture12Capture13

Capture14Capture13We are placing the stamens around the beads and unites all in one bunch with the help of the wire.Capture15Attach the petals form the edge of a little stretching.Capture16Make a hole in the flower and put through both layers of a bunch of stamens and beads. Cut the bit string stamens and fasten them with adhesive to the back side in different directions.Capture17Capture18Then fasten the beautiful hips and closes it all leaves.Capture19Capture20t turns out very beautiful composition of foamirana a flower of wild rose and fruits.Capture21Capture22Capture24

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