The carpets in the interior

The carpets in the interior

In Soviet times, the carpet on the wall was the subject of supreme pride and “proves” the consistency of the house owners. Today, it has lost its probative value and was used as intended – as a stylish interior element. And it often appears on the floor. However, the carpet on the wall – is not move on just in modern interiors is almost never. What’s hot carpets? How to fit them into the interior?
In the essay “The Philosophy of the situation” Edgar By wrote: “carpet – is the soul of the room.” Indeed carpet harmoniously fit into the space, is able to make the home truly comfortable and create a mood. Railean decorator Natalia believes that carpet can “live” anywhere – on the floor or on the wall, as long as it was high-quality and fit the interior as a whole.

How to choose a carpet

Designer-decorator Catherine Chistyakov advises choosing a carpet of ecological, natural fabrics and fibers: wool, silk, cotton, jute, coir, flax or hemp. It is also worth to buy anti-slip backing under the carpet: the carpet because it will not slip on the surface run off and collected in an accordion. In the house where there are small children, the elderly or pets substrate under the rug is a must!

What size should the carpet

“The carpet needs to be large enough to organize space correctly: If this is a bedroom, it must” climb “a little under the bed and a decent act beyond it. If it is a living, the carpet should cover the entire (!) Sofa area (usually a sofa, a couple of chairs and a coffee table). Carpet should be wider couch crawl under it somewhere on 1/3 at least on the front side,

How to enter the interior of the carpet

The carpet can become a bright accent in the interior of its harmoniously complement and even create an interesting visual effect.

• bright accent

“Living room or bedroom, done in neutral colors (white, beige, gray) is well complement a bright rug and some cushions in a similar and / or contrasting tones. Result – juicy fresh living room, which want to spend a lot of time “, – says Mrs.

Helen Heller, creator of the interior-inspiring blog Sweet Home, recommends the vintage Turkish rugs, painted in the most unexpected colors – they can be safely used in a completely different style of interiors. “If your apartment is open plan, with the help of vintage Turkish carpets can be divided into functional interior areas, for example, one bed in the dining area, and the second – in the living room. And not necessarily that they were the same thing, stick to the overall color palette of the space. Thanks to this unusual carpet can draw attention to some details of the interior, which you want to allocate more. But most of the carpet itself becomes the focal point of the entire room, and a bright accent will never go unnoticed. ”

For those who love handmaid decor, Natalia Railean (Design Studio “decorators) advises to use in the interior carpets patchwork or related major viscous (a la grandmother mats), with a large embroidery or printed.

• harmonious addition

Traditional interior carpets fit with calm, classical patterns and a minimum pile. The color of the carpet should be combined with the tissues in the selected room and not get lost on the floor, his tone should at least slightly different.

“The modern interior fit bright, graphic quality rugs with abstract pattern and kilims (woven rugs) and animal skins. Look beautiful white-colored carpets include the long – says designer Catherine Chistyakov. – If you are in the style of a loft apartment, will look good old grandmother’s carpet is dark red. Very impressive are the carpets look as country houses where the floor is wooden, rough, plank. ”

• visual effect

For small rooms is better to choose bright carpets – they are able to visually expand the space, and the dark, on the contrary, to reduce it. “Solid carpeting behave neutrally and affect the perception of space only color saturation: a calm and cool – expanding and richer and warmer narrow, – says Natalya Railean decorator. – Small drawing near and well perceived even background, but big need for space and distance perception. Carpets with a large floral print focus on themselves, subjecting the whole situation to his style. ” Small rugs will help to break a large area in the zone, and in a small room – find semantic center.
What are the carpets in the trend

Designer Catherine Chistyakov, spending on major European furniture exhibitions, noticed some clear trends in the design of carpets:

Fusion . Carpets with futuristic designs, unnaturally bright colors and unusual shapes.

Animalic print. Special attention are carpets with animal prints: leopard, zebra, giraffe, peacock feathers beautiful birds.

Graphics today presented very rich: pixels, dashes, stripes, mono colors, zig-zag, complex geometric patterns.

Antigraft ka – one of the most beautiful modern trends: blurred watercolor stains, color transition, gradient, effect of de City. Antigrafichny carpet is easy to use as a modern interior and in the house, made in the style of the new classics. Sensual and stylish!

Among the fashionable decorator Natalia carpets Railean also highlights: vintage carpets (shabby chic classics), fishnet (look easy and romantic), carpets messages (with inscriptions, letters and numbers). Among the trendy colors – shades of blue and green (Mediterranean blue – cold and soothing, sophisticated and enveloping olive), citrus shades, dusty mint, wine color and the color of rust

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