The reasons for the uneven fingernails

The reasons for the uneven fingernails

Uneven or undulating called nail plate on which there are hollows, bumps and dimples that appear as a result of uneven growth. Worrying about it is justified, as evidenced by wavy nails is not a cosmetic problem, but are symptoms of diseases. Status displays polish situation inside the body – if there is a hidden problem, the projection will appear on the nails of these problems. Such projections are uneven and nails – as a consequence of problems inside the body.

The reasons for the uneven fingernails


The reasons for the appearance of the nail plate defect quite a lot. They are:

  • immunological diseases, kidney disease, internal organs, thyroid, lungs, joints;
  • hormonal malfunction of the body;
  • skin diseases – eczema, psoriasis, lichen planus;
  • decreased immunity, weakening the body’s defense reactions;
  • fungal nail infections;
  • contact with acids, alkali solutions, chemical substances;
  • vitamins “breakdowns” in the body;
  • improper care for your hands, cuticle;
  • the weakness of the body after diseases – inflammation, flu, colds;
  • infection;
  • the trauma of the nail plate, nail bed, bruises followed detachment of the nail.

In the case of strong deformation of the nail plate, should go to a doctor for diagnosis and response.

To the list of possible causes, uneven fingernails also include factors associated with nervous disorders or trauma-deep. Unsuccessful manicure, with the subsequent development of infection through the tool can cause uneven fingernails. It is important to take care of the nails regularly and with good purity of instruments: the slightest mechanical contact with contaminated tools sores cause inflammation of the soft tissues, which also affects the nails. Especially, if it is the latent infection, which manifests itself not immediately – HIV, hepatitis C, the fungus.

Methods to eliminate irregularities on the nails


Manicure should be done under sterile conditions, to take the bath with chamomile, calendula and other preservatives. Useful for smooth nails and paraffin mask, wax wraps, massage hands, smearing the nail plate tonics medical series, rubbing special creams and oils.

If the cause of uneven fingernails is fungal infection, you should ask your doctor about the medicinal ointments, complex drugs that inhibit reproduction of the fungus on the territory of its parasitism.

There are different methods of preventing the development of preventive uneven fingernails, among which:

  • vitamin – calcium intake (in food or drugs), the rate of intake of vitamins can be repeated;
  • hygienic manicure observing sterility;
  • the use of antiseptic baths for hands – a decoction of herbs with the addition of moisturizing oils, sea salt, which strengthens the nail plate;
  • the healthy way of life, avoiding stress and nervous disorders.

The problem of uneven nails can have both security and deep nature associated with any care, or health condition. If you can not correct the situation for the better with the help of cosmetic procedures, should get tested and seek problems inside the body.

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