Volume bear Bead

Volume bear Bead


Materials needed

Brown Beads
White beads
black beads – 3 pieces. for nose and eye
Yellow beads – 2 pieces. midway to the ears
Fishing Line
Work description

This bear is made from the description and a set of beads for creative firms Danko toys. Set an interesting, detailed descriptions, but beads – beads hideous, deformed, with different diameters and thicknesses, stsarapyvaetsya painting … Well, maybe not undertake to recommend this. I have more time was spent on it to pick up beads of diameter and width than the actual weaving.

The scheme at the beginning of the muzzle, too, had to change a little, otherwise the nose did not want to stand out. In the second row of white wave 3 and 5 in the third, instead of weaving 4 white beads.

Head weave on the line 80 cm. At the end of tying a double knot, the ends of line hiding in neighboring beads and cut off the excess.

The body weave on the line 120 cm. At first the line is passed through a series of eight head and then weave the scheme.

Paws weave on the line 80 cm. And start with one paw palms, armpits depleted up, stretch out the line through the third and the fifth row of the trunk and weave the second leg from the armpit to the palm. Lesko tie, hide and trim.

Hind legs are mounted in 11 and 13 series of the torso.

Bear himself can sit. The tabs can look to the side or front – depending on how you place the line in the ranks – first row on the back or front.

I think that if this scheme to make a bear of quality beads – it will just super!




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